Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Things Magazine.

Things Magazine was born out of being cast in the shadows of large creative hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco (the entire state of CA, really). Boston has always been recognized as a educational city, recognized for its great colleges and middle-aged working class more than its creative youth. The Things Magazine team recognized that Boston artists existed, but were spread out and suffocated by desires to flee to larger cities with better creative opportunities. We started the magazine to become the creative opportunity for artists, especially teenage artists, in the city looking to share their work with a larger community. We started the magazine, for teens who wanted to be apart of a creative scene in Boston, but couldn't find one. Boston teens interested in art no longer have to despise the city and day-dream about what it would be like to live in a bigger artistic hub - they can find artistic outlets here in Boston, in Things Magazine.

Over 2015, we received a lot of submissions and got to know a lot of Boston artists. As the year went on, we would see emails from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Connecticut, and other states that don't have a lot of creative representation for their teen artists. We also realized that these teen artists needed some type of official validation for the incredible work they were doing.

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