Full view of a cotton rope vessel, a basket about one foot tall. The basket is unfinished and its ends cascade down the pedestal the basket sits on. The rope ends are unraveled and frayed at the end. The frayed ends are burnt
A close-up shot of the frayed and burned ends of the vessel.
A close-up of the inside of the basket. The construction of this woven form is shown and a red colored residue lines the inside of the basket, left from red sand.
A shot of just the frayed and burnt rope ends cascading down the side of the pedestal at varying lengths.

materials: cotton rope, red sand

responses to this work:

-so delicate
-the way the material drapes reminds me of hair but also reminds me of a cascading waterfall.
-although the object is a basket it is reminiscent of natural landscapes (volcano, river,
hair, waterfall)
-the burned ends remind me of protective hairstyles
-birds nest
-the frayed ends are powerful
-the red inside...reminds me of a womb or wound
-this immediately reminds me of black post-minimalist work (single-material manipulation)
-i feel this sense of void; an opening to somewhere or something about to be born
-it has a very natural/nature appeal
-red sand is magical
-ancient burnt ends remind me of burning sage or burning incense
-gives me witch vibes/or that there's magic/energy
-i feel like i stumbled upon a natural wonder
-materiality & objecthood
-cotton history
-it looks to me like it is being hurt
-inside the basket is red like guts/blood
-cyclical outside to inside
-reminds me of a volcano or hair
-umbilical cords
-i really enjoy the materiality of the piece. rope is a very interesting material that
manipulates the form of being a soft object. but also the stability of it. it does remind me
of womanhood + a vessel to carry
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